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Restraining and Docking Devices

Restraining and docking are installed in a vehicle to harness the wheelchair and disabled passenger to the vehicle floor.
All the straps and belts used by TMN comply with the strictest standards and requirements.

Safety Belts

The safety belts harness the passenger in his wheelchairs during travel. The belts are quickly attached to special anchoring strips fixed to the vehicle floor.
There are safety belts for children and for adults, and special safety belts to protect the upper body of disabled people who are unable to maintain their stability.

Wheelchair docking to the vehicle floor

There are four anchoring straps, two in front and two behind, that can be extended and locked with a special tension buckles.  The straps can be quickly attached to the wheelchair frame and anchor  it to the vehicle floor preventing it from moving during travel.  The straps are adjusted for all kinds of wheelchairs and do not require any change to the wheelchair itself.

Electric wheelchair docking device

This device anchors the wheelchair to the vehicle floor and prevents it from moving during travel.
The lock is activated and released electrically.
The system includes a smart alert that warns when the driver is not properly locked in or if the locking system fails.