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Seats and Equipment

A range of seats and mechanisms to be used in disabled passengers and drivers vehicles, for comfortable and safe travel, and to enable entering and exiting the vehicle conveniently and safely.

Removable seats

A removable seat consists of a swiveling base installed in the vehicle, with an orthopedic seat that can move along tracks and removed from the vehicle.  Removable seats are very comfortable for lengthy sitting. They are more stable and safer for travel than wheelchairs. There are different types of removable seats for different types of vehicle. The base will be either mechanical or electric with various functions depends on the model. It will be used for disabled passenger near the driver seat, or for a disabled driver.
The removable seat replaces the original car seat, and once removed with the disabled person, outside of the vehicle, it is assembled on a trolley to be used as a wheelchair. When not in use the trolley, having 12 or 24 inch wheels, is stored in the vehicle boot, manually or using a hoist.
Before purchasing a new vehicle, contact TMN representative to ensure that the vehicle to be purchased is suitable for a removable seat and complies with the customer’s disabilities.

Turnout Seat

A removable seat, to be installed for disabled passenger near the driver seat.
Once swiveling outside the vehicle, the seat maintains its height, and when used with a trolley, the trolley height should be adjusted to enable assembly.

Turny Seat

A removable seat developed for high vehicles, such as minivans, commercial vehicles and SUV’s.  It is electrically operated by a remote control and in addition to manual swivel, the seat can move electrically up and down upon removal from the vehicle.

Turny Evo Seat

A variation of the Turny seat, in which the process of moving the base into and out of the vehicle can be programmed for maximum adjustment and automatic operation using a remote control and LCD screen.


A wheelchair trolley, designed for a removable seat.  The wheelchair base is stored in the car trunk, using a suitable hoist.