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Mechanical driving accessories

Mechanical driving accessories enable the disabled driver to operate the vehicle systems and to drive the vehicle.
This category includes adaptation of the steering systems, changes in foot pedals, or mechanical and manual mechanisms
that replace the vehicle’s accelerator and brakes pedals, and more.

Electrical head rest

The electrical head rest replaces the original head rest to protect the neck of the driver sitting in a wheelchair.  The head rest folds to the side or to the ceiling of the vehicle with an electrical mechanism.  The cushion can incorporate electrical buttons that use driver head movements to activate functions such as signals, the horn, windscreen wipers, etc.

Horizontal steering wheel

This wheel replaces the original steering wheel to be used by drivers who cannot raise their arms to turn the regular wheel.  The height, diameter and angle of inclination of the horizontal steering wheel are adapted to the abilities of the disabled driver.  For the installation of horizontal wheel, the original steering wheel box must be softened and a backup steering system should be installed.

Assistive devices for the steering wheel operation

These devices enable drivers with limited arm movement to turn the wheel with one hand.  Possible devices are: wheel apple, fork, triangle, ring, glove pin, and more.

The devices can be mounted on the right or left of the wheel, according to the driver’s needs.

Pedal changes and mechanical accelerator-brake mechanism

Changes and additions can be made to the foot pedals for drivers with limited lower limb mobility or for short people who require pedal extensions.
The changes and additions are individually adapted to the driver’s needs and include additional pedal systems, raising or moving the accelerator pedal for operation by the left foot.
These changes are only suitable for automatic gear vehicles. An accelerator/ brake system enables operation of the vehicle’s original pedals with the hands.  People with lower limb disabilities can operate the accelerator/ brake system with one hand, either right or left, by pushing and pulling the operating handle.  It is possible to assemble a switch box on the mechanism, to operate driving functions such as: signals, windscreen wipers/ spray, horn and lights.

Small steering wheel

A small steering wheel installed to replace the original steering wheel, enabling a disabled driver with limited hand movements to steer the vehicle as required.