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Hoists and a Robot for Wheelchair Storage

The hoists and the Robot will be used to lift the wheelchair for storage in the vehicle boot.

The Hoist is used to lift a regular or motorized wheelchair into the vehicle’s boot.  It is designed for wheelchair users who are able to move themselves from the back of the vehicle to the driver’s seat, or who are accompanied by an escort.  Hoists vary by their lifting capability, the type of movement they perform and the type of vehicles they are fitted in.

TMN is the Israeli representative of “Bruno”, a world-wide leader of Hoists and special lifts.

Light Hoists

Light Hoists are suitable for private vehicles with lifting capacity of up to 68 kg.  The hoist arm folds manually into the boot.  The hoist harness is manually connected to the wheelchair and the hoist electrically lifts the wheelchair to the boot. The user operates the remote control with one hand while the other hand guides the load towards its designated position.

Heavy Hoists

Heavy hoists are suitable for both private and commercial vehicles with similar functionality as the light hoists,
but with higher specified max. weight load of 180 kg.

R11 Robot for automatic wheelchair storage in the vehicle’s boot

The R11 Robot developed and manufactured by TMN is a leading product in its field, in Israel and worldwide.  The Robot is intended for wheelchair users who drive by themselves and need an automatic method of storing the wheelchair in the vehicle boot.  The Robot takes the wheelchair from the driver’s door to the boot, which is automatically opened and closed, and returns it when called by the driver, providing him complete independence.

The R11 Robot can be installed in Sedan vehicles, Station Wagons, Minivans and SUVs, where the installation is in the boot, having no effect on the vehicle’s passengers compartment.  The Robot lifts and stores the wheelchair, folded or open, weighing up to 22 kg, or up to 30 kg when enhanced. In vans, a swivel seat (Turny Evo) can be installed instead of the driver’s seat, to bridge the height differences between the driver’s seat and the wheelchair.

The Robot can be moved from one vehicle to another with suitable adjustments.

Before buying a vehicle, consult a TMN representative to be sure that it’s suitable for the robot installation.  The Robot is the TMN flagship product, and is marketed and installed in many countries by TMN distributors.