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Lifts and Ramps

There are two main types of systems for lifting a passenger or driver sitting in a wheelchair into a vehicle.
If the vehicle floor has not been lowered, a lift will be installed at the rear part of the vehicle or at the side door.  There are several types of lifts,  some for installation on the vehicle floor, others installed externally under the entrance. The specified max. weight loads for the lifts is in the range 300-350 kg.

If the back part of the vehicle has been lowered to increase the interior height, a ramp will be fitted for the entry of a wheelchair through a side door or rear door.  An electrically operated step might also be installed to assist with entering the vehicle, particularly in high vehicles.

The type of lift or ramp and the location of the installation are subjected to the type of vehicle, the disabled seating location, and the required seating arrangements.

Platform Lift

A lift usually used for high weight loads and large and heavy wheelchairs.
Due to its size the lift installation is limited to small number of vehicle models,
and it can not be installed in the side door due to field of view obstruction.
Typical max. weight loads – 320-350 k”g.

Wings Lift

A platform which opens to the sides enabling free passage and open field of view.
This lift will be installed in the side door, its platform is relatively small and it penetrates into the vehicle.
Max. specified weight loads – 320-350 k”g

Folding Lift

The lift platform folds enabling installation in low entrance height.
The lift partially blocks the passage and the rear field of view.
Max. specified weight loads – 320-350 k”g.

External Lift

This lift will be installed externally to the vehicle without any interference to the passage in the side door.
The lift will be more exposed to mechanical hits and will decrease the vehicles ground clearance.
Max. specified weight loads – 300-350 k”g.

Electric Ramp

Enables wheelchair entrance to lowered floor, low entrance slope vehicles.

Electric Step

Assists with the entrance to high vehicles.
Max. specified weight – 80-120 k”g.