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Mobility Vehicles for Disabled Drivers

Vehicles for drivers with physical disabilities who use a wheelchair, are individually adapted to the driver’s needs, either driving from the wheelchair or a special driver’s seat.

TMN’s Engineering & Development Department will develop and install special driving and transport solutions when standard equipment is insufficient.  All the driving accessories are installed alongside the vehicle’s original systems, to enable a non-disabled driver to drive the vehicle.

Drivers who are unable to move from their wheelchair to the driving seat, can use a remotely operated lifting system to lift themselves while in their wheelchair into the vehicle than move to the driver’s position.  Using an electric control panel or touch screen, the driver can control all the vehicle’s systems, and drive with the assistance of mechanical and electronic accessories.

Drivers who do not need a wheelchair while driving, can position themselves at a point from where they can safely move into the driver’s seat.  They can also control the driver’s seat; swivel it, change its height, or move it closer or further away from the driving position as needed.